Sagrada Familia and Park Güell Tour

We bring you a ticket that includes everything the Sagrada Familia offers and more!

Access to the Sagrada Familia, Passion Tower, Nativity Tower, Park Güell, a tour and transport, this ticket has it all!

The Sagrada Familia and Park Güell guided tour is a two-in-one attraction offer you shouldn’t miss!

Your guided tour starts at Park Güell, followed by a lunch break and concludes with a tour of the Sagrada Familia.

The meeting point for the tour is near Park Güell at Gaudí Experience, Larrard Street, 41.

Transportation is included for the complete duration of this tour, and you can enjoy the journey in a comfortable bus or coach.

Your local tour guide will lead you through the marvelous stone statues of Park Güell and the intriguing construction of Sagrada Familia.

The tour will be conducted in English, Spanish or French, and the guide may be multilingual.

While booking your tickets, you can simply choose the group size, timing and duration (4, 5 or 6 hours) of the tour.

The group size varies depending on the duration you choose.

A group of upto 30 people can choose a tour that lasts 4, 5 or 6 hours, while a group with no maximum capacity can only opt for a tour of 4 hours. 

Children can only be a part of the group with a capacity of 30 people.

Ticket prices are different depending on the duration of the tour selected.

Ticket Prices:

For a group size of up to 30 people, ticket prices vary with duration as follows:

HoursAdult TicketChild Ticket
4€79 (12-99 Years)€71 (3 to 11 years)
5€82 (11 to 99 years)€49 (4 to 10 years)
6€87 (15 to 99 years)€82 (2 to 14 years)

For a group size with no maximum capacity, the ticket price is €99 (11-99 years) for 4 hours.

Featured Image: Lhor_Tailwind / Getty Images, Instants / Getty Images

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