Sagrada Familia Interiors

You can find beautiful pictures of the Sagrada Familia’s exterior anywhere but the experience in its interior can’t be captured.

The contribution of religion can be seen throughout the interior of the church.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site exhibits Gaudi’s gothic-naturalistic architectural design and imitates the imperfection of nature.

So, is it worth seeing la Sagrada Familia’s interior with a ticket?

The answer is definitely yes!

Overall the detailing is designed to replicate the feeling of standing amidst a forest with sunlight piercing through thick trees.

Light falls through the stained glass windows in such a manner that Sagrada Familia’s interior is painted red, green, blue and yellow.

The colors of the iconic windows represent different things:

  • Yellow, blue and green: the birth of Christ
  • Orange and red: water, light and resurrection

Sagrada Familia has 36 columns, 18 towers, five naves and three facades.

The trunk-like columns branch out to form a canopy resembling palm trees.

Twelve towers represent the twelve apostles, while the tower above the apse with a star represents Virgin Mary.

The facades, namely Passion Facade, Nativity Facade and Glory Facade, are decorated with sculptures narrating aspects of Jesus’ life.

Jesus’ birth is commemorated in the Nativity facade, and his suffering and death are shown in the Passion facade.

Christ’s resurrection and glory are celebrated in the Glory facade which is under construction.

Want to visit a Sagrada Familia tower?

Book the Sagrada Familia tour with tower access and get entry to either the Passion Facade or Nativity Facade.

The spiral staircase, catenary arches, conoidal-shaped roofs, and the altar with a grapevine-covered canopy are some other structural features.

Featured Image: Sagradafamilia.org

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