Nativity facade

The oldest of the three facades at Sagrada Familia is the Nativity Facade.

Built between 1894 and 1930, this masterpiece depicts the history of Jesus’ life.

This was the only facade that Gaudi was able to witness during his life.

Four towers at the end of this facade represent the four Apostles: Matthew, Barnabas, Jude, and Simon.

The Nativity Facade is distinguished into three portals:

  • Portal of Hope: dedicated to Joseph
  • Portal of Faith: dedicated to Mary
  • Portal of Charity: dedicated to Jesus

The architectural style of the facade is derived from nature, proof of which can be seen in floral designs and animal sculptures.

You will also find sculptures of the individuals who played an integral role in Jesus’ birth and childhood.

The three doors are engraved with impactful scenes from Christ’s life, like the betrothal of Mary and Joseph.

Most visitors believe it to be the best facade at Sagrada Familia.

Featured Image: Twitter.com

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