Night lights

As the evening breeze sets in the dazzling night lights illuminate the Sagrada Familia.

If you’re looking for some architectural gazing, we recommend visiting during the day.

But visiting la Sagrada Familia at night will satisfy your appetite for aesthetics.

After 7 pm, the nighttime beauty of Sagrada Familia is incomparable.

Star on the tower

The Virgin Mary tower is crowned with the twelve-pointed star which lights up every night.

At 138 meters high, you can see the most powerful Sagrada Familia night light.

After approval from the Barcelona City Council, the str has been shining bright since February 2022.

You can also plan your visit depending on the schedule followed for the lighting of this intriguing star.


Image: Sbarmen.no

During sunset, the interiors and exteriors of Sagrada Familia are beautiful beyond compare.

Light shines through the stained glass windows in the most peculiar way.

This is why visiting during the evening between 5 pm and 6 pm is the perfect time to have the Sagrada Familia sunset experience.

Looking forward to see the beauty of Sagrada Familia shine during golden hour?

Book your tour for late afternoon access to Sagrada Familia and enjoy the interior and exterior in all its glory.

Featured Image: Sagradafamilia.org

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