Parking Near La Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia does not have its own parking facility but you can find multiple paid and free parking options nearby. 

Many tourists visit by car and need information on parking near Sagrada Familia.

In this guide, you can find the closest parking lots, their distance and price and tips for a hassle-free visit.

Paid Parking Near Sagrada Familia

Most of the parking spaces near Sagrada Familia are within a kilometer, making it easy to walk to the church.

In these parking garages, you can park your vehicles, such as cars, bikes, bicycles etc. 

Choose the perfect fit from the following list (in increasing order of distance from Sagrada Familia):

ParkingDistance & Time Price
Bond Krup 210 meters & 3 mins€3.45
Sagrada Familia car park400 meters & 5 mins€3.60
NN Valencia car park400 meters & 5 mins€4.20
NN Valencia III car park650 meters & 7 mins€4.20
Aparcament Municipal Marina Gràcia1 kilometer & 15 mins€3.60

As you go through the parking options, don’t forget to book your Sagrada Familia tickets in advance. It is the busiest attraction in Barcelona, so we suggest you book your ticket online to avoid the long lines and secure your spot.

Free Parking Near Sagrada Familia 

There are free parking options available near Sagrada Familia but they are limited. 

The closest option for free parking is Parking B:SM Mercat, which offers free service for a limited time. 

It is only a five-minute drive from Sagrada Familia.

The second option is to park on the streets in the La Segrera area, a 20-minute metro ride from Sagrada Familia. 

Another option is to park at the free parking lot at La Maquinista shopping center, which is located on the outskirts of Barcelona. 

It is 21 minutes away from the attraction. 

You can park and walk to the attraction or take a taxi.

Since these are free parking options, they tend to fill up faster.

How do you reach Sagrada Familia?” is a common question among visitors. Make sure you check out other transportation and route options to choose the best!


Is there parking available at La Sagrada Familia?

No, La Sagrada Familia does not have a parking facility. However, several public and private parking lots are located within walking distance of the basilica.

We recommend you check out these spots before visiting to plan your trip.

What are the best parking options near La Sagrada Familia?

Some highly-rated parking options near La Sagrada Familia include BSM Marina Gràcia, Parking Sicília, and BSM Avinguda Gaudi.

These parking lots offer convenience and security for visitors, with varying rates depending on the duration of the stay.

How much does parking cost near La Sagrada Familia?

Parking rates near Sagrada Familia can vary widely depending on the parking lot and the duration of your stay.

Prices can range from around €2-€4 per hour, with daily rates available for longer stays. Some parking lots offer online booking discounts.

Can I reserve a parking spot near La Sagrada Familia in advance?

Several parking lots near La Sagrada Familia offer the option to reserve a spot in advance through their websites or parking apps.

We highly recommend this, especially during tourist season, to ensure availability and secure discounted rates.

Are there any free parking options near La Sagrada Familia?

Free parking options near Sagrada Familia are limited but include Parking B:SM Mercat, shopping center parking of  La Maquinista and the streets in La Segrera area.

These spots fill up faster because they are free. 

How early should I arrive to find parking near La Sagrada Familia?

If you’re not reserving a parking spot in advance, arriving early in the morning before the tourist rush or in the late afternoon when some visitors may be leaving is wise.

This improves your chances of finding a spot in nearby parking lots.

What are the parking regulations in the streets around La Sagrada Familia?

Street parking around La Sagrada Familia is regulated by the Barcelona city council, with most areas designated as blue or green zones primarily for residents or having a maximum parking duration.

Pay attention to parking signs and use the parking meter.

Are there any tips for parking near La Sagrada Familia during peak tourist season?

During peak tourist season, consider using public transportation or parking farther away and walking or public transit to reach La Sagrada Familia.

If you must drive, book a parking spot in advance, arrive early, and be prepared for higher rates due to increased demand.

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