Sagrada Familia Passion Facade

The Sagrada Familia’s Passion Facade is one of the two complete Facades. 

It represents the Passion of Christ and the period between death and resurrection. 

The construction began in 1954 and was completed after 64 years in 2018.

The style and design of this facade are very different from that of the Nativity Facade. 

Where the Nativity Facade represents the joy of birth, Gaudi wanted the Passion Facade to be scary and to represent the divine tragedy of death.

Tower on the Passion Facade

The towers of the Passion Facade were made as per the blueprints left by Gaudi and tell the story of sacrifice and hope. 

The Passion Facade of the Sagrada Familia has four towers dedicated to apostles: Saint James, Saint Bartholomew, Saint Thomas, and Saint Philip. 

The Passion Facade towers are 107.40 m(352.3 ft) high on the outside and 112.20 m(368.1 ft) high in the center.

They are a distinctive and main element of the facade, with the Passion Tower slightly higher than the Nativity Tower.

These towers offer a great view of the ocean and let you take a closer look at the intricate sculptural details of the facade.

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Passion Facade Sagrada Familia Ticket 

You must buy a Sagrada Familia ticket with tower access to visit the Passion Facade.

With this ticket, you can skip the entry lines at Sagrada and choose to visit either the Passion Facade or the Nativity Facade. 

The ticket also provides access to the museum inside the basilica and the official audio guide app.

Children aged six and below can visit the basilica but not go up the towers.

Ticket Price with tower access:

Adult ticket (18 to 64 years): €47
Senior ticket (65 years and above): €36
Youth ticket (11 to 17 years): €44
Student ticket (Any age with ID): €44
Child ticket (10 years and younger): Free entry

Passion Facade Sagrada Familia View 

Passion Facade Sagrada Familia View
Image: Commons.Wikimedia.org

You get two types of views from the Passion Facade of Sagrada Familia.

First, you can appreciate the detailed, bone-like sculptures on the different towers of the facade. 

These sculptures symbolize Christ’s pain, suffering, and death. 

Second, from the towers, there is a fantastic ocean view, providing a unique vantage point of the surrounding area. 

The Passion Facade shows Christ’s journey, including his suffering, death, and resurrection. 

It’s widely regarded as the most iconic facade of the basilica. 

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Sagrada Familia Nativity Facade or Passion Facade

While visiting Sagrada Familia, “Passion Facade vs Nativity Facade” is a common question among most visitors. 

The Nativity Facade is focused on Jesus’s birth and is the oldest and most vibrant facade of the Sagrada Familia. 

Its construction was complete while Gaudi was still alive. It features intricate sculptures and details that represent the joy and hope of Christmas. 

In contrast, the Passion Facade depicts the journey of Christ through his Passion, Death, and Resurrection. 

It is frequently regarded as the most iconic facade of the basilica. 

It has a stark and austere design, with skeleton-like sculptures representing the suffering and brutality of Jesus’ death.

Visitors can go up the towers of both facades for stunning views of Barcelona. 

From the Passion Facade, you get more views of the ocean.

In contrast, you can see Barcelona’s skyline from the Nativity Facade. 

Some visitors prefer the Nativity Facade for its vibrant colors, intricate details and the fact that Gaudi himself built it. 

In contrast, others prefer the Passion Facade for its unique, striking design and ocean view.

Sagrada Familia Passion Facade Sculptures

Josep Maria Subirachs is mainly credited for the sculptures in the Passion Facade.

The architectural work of the site was completed within two decades, after which the artists took time to perfect the symbolic and sculptural aspects.

The sculptures in this facade revolve around Jesus’s life story between death and resurrection.

Some notable sculptures that you must look for include:

1. Orchard of the Cima: This area, located in front of the facade, features symbolic elements such as the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of Abraham.

2. The Last Supper: Depicted on this Facade is also the significant moment of Jesus’s last meal with his disciples. Josep Maria Subirachs has captured the emotional intensity of the occasion perfectly in stone. 

3. The Crucifixion: This is one of the most important sculptures due to its significance to the narrative. It depicts the great sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for the cause of mankind. It symbolizes redemption and salvation. 

4. The Descent from the Cross: The sculpture showcases the scenes post-crucifixion i.e., the lowering of Jesus’s body from the cross. It depicts the themes of mourning and compassion. 

5. The Pieta: This sculpture shows Mother Mary cradling the lifeless body of Jesus. It beautifully conveys the deep sorrow and compassion of a mother. 

6. The Resurrection: A symbol of hope and renewal, this sculpture captures the moment Jesus resurrects or rises from the dead. This part of the facade depicts the triumph over death.

7. Portal of the Passion Facade: The portal has various sculptures representing Christ’s passion and death.

8. Six large inclined columns: These large columns resemble sequoia trunks and aim to support the facade’s pyramidal base. 

9. Cross of Glory: This sculpture is located on top of the Facade and is the final piece placed on the Passion Facade. It symbolizes the glorification of Christ’s cross.

Best Time to Visit Passion Facade of Sagrada Familia 

Best Time to Visit Passion Facade of Sagrada Familia 
Image: Sabbatikos.net

If you want to dodge the crowd, the best time to visit would be in the morning between 9 am and 11 am on weekdays, especially Mondays.

The view from the top of the Passion Facade is also mesmerizing, so if you visit during the golden hour, you’ll see the ocean in the warm glow.

Sagrada Familia will give you a memorable experience, whichever time you pick.

Tips for Visiting Passion Facade Sagrada Familia 

Here are some tips that you must keep in mind while visiting this facade of Sagrada Familia:

1. Wear comfortable footwear:

If you plan to go up the tower, you’ll have to come back down the stairs, excluding some special cases, so wearing comfortable shoes/sneakers is important. 

2. Get an audio guide: 

The best way to explore Sagrada Familia alone is by booking a ticket with audioguide and tower access. These kinds of tickets guarantee a great overall experience. 

3. Refrain from making contact with the artwork:

Do not touch or damage the sculptures or artwork of the Passion facade. It is best for their preservation that they are admired without contact. 

4. Book a guided tour:

If you’re interested in diving deep into the history of the Passion Facade, book a guided tour with tower access, and you’ll get the best experience. 

5. Carry a camera:

Passion Facade promises a better view than the Nativity Facade, so if you go up the Passion Facade, you can capture the ocean view and click some great pictures from the top.

If you’re still confused about which tower to visit, check out our article on the Nativity Facade and make your decision now!


What is the Sagrada Familia Passion Facade?

The Sagrada Familia Passion Facade is a sculpted section of the famous Sagrada Familia Basilica, depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ. The facade portrays scenes from the biblical narrative of the Last Supper, Crucifixion, and Resurrection.

How much is the admission ticket to Passion Tower Sagrada Familia?

To visit the Passion Facade, you must buy a Sagrada Familia ticket with tower access. 
The ticket prices for visiting the Passion Tower are:

Visitor’ AgeTicket Price 
Adult ticket (18 to 64 years)€47 
Senior ticket (65 years and above)€36
Youth ticket (11 to 17 years)€44
Student ticket (Any age with ID)€44
Child ticket (10 years and younger)Free entry

Can I purchase tickets for Sagrada Familia Passion Facade online in advance?

Yes, we recommend booking your tickets online in advance to save yourself from the last-minute disappointment of losing a spot. You can also book skip-the-line tickets to save time at the venue.

How long does it take to explore the La Sagrada Familia Passion Facade thoroughly?

It’ll take at least 30 minutes to explore the Passion Facade fully. Your total trip to the Sagrada Familia will take upto 2 hours. 

Are there guided tours available for the Passion Facade?

Yes, you can book a Sagrada Familia guided tour with tower access to visit the Passion Facade with a tour guide. It is best if you want to dive deep into the history of this magnificent monument.

Is there a dress code for visiting Sagrada Familia?

Since Sagrada Familia is a church, modest attire is expected from the visitors. It is best to read on what to wear/avoid before your visit. 

What is the best time to visit the Sagrada Familia Passion Facade to avoid crowds?

Early mornings or late afternoons on weekdays are generally quieter times. These times are best because you can freely explore the Passion Tower and closely examine every small detail. 

Can I take photographs inside the Passion Facade area?

Yes, you can take photographs inside the Passion Facade Sagrada Familia. The use of flash and tripods may be restricted due to public inconvenience.

Featured Image: Sagradafamilia.org

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