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The Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece, is a Barcelona landmark famous for its colorful, whimsical facade.

But there’s another side to this iconic church. On the west side lies the Passion Facade, a more serious and dramatic part of the building.

This facade tells the story of Jesus’ last days, and it’s designed to be quite different from the Nativity facade that represents the joy of birth.

Get ready to learn about the unique features and powerful message of this fascinating part of the basilica.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 8 pm (Variable)

Time Needed: 1 hour

Best Time: Early mornings and weekdays

Ticket Cost: From €69


C/ de Mallorca, 401, L’Eixample, 08013 Barcelona, Spain. Get Directions

Entrance for Access:

General Entrance on c/ de la Marina

What is the Passion Facade?

The Passion Facade is one of the three facades of the Sagrada Familia that is dedicated to depicting the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The construction began in 1954 and was completed after 64 years in 2018.

This facade is a powerful testament to Christ’s sacrifice, filled with symbolism and designed to evoke a sense of awe, perhaps even a touch of fear.

What is its Significance?

  • The facade reflects Gaudi’s artistic intent. The starkness and geometric shapes convey the gravity of Jesus’ sacrifice. It’s a testament to Gaudí’s ability to use architecture to evoke emotions and tell stories.
  • It serves as a powerful visual representation of a pivotal moment in Christianity. The sculptures and design elements act as a storybook, guiding viewers through the final days of Jesus’ life.
  • The facade is a powerful symbol of perseverance, showcasing the dedication of generations who have strived to realize Gaudí’s visionary masterpiece.


History & Location:

  • This facade is a representation of Christ’s suffering and crucifixion. 
  • Construction began after Gaudi’s death in 1926.

Layout & Features:

  • The Passion Facade is designed to play with light and shadow, creating a dramatic and introspective atmosphere.
  • This facade reflects the suffering endured by Christ.

Historical Context 

Gaudi envisioned the facade as Sagrada’s final design but couldn’t complete it during his lifetime due to his tragic death.

The construction only began in 1954, following his detailed sketches and models.

The facade’s design is characterized by sharp angles, muted tones, and even the skeletal columns, all of which reflect the gravity of Jesus’ final days. 

The Passion Facade is a monument to perseverance and a powerful symbol of faith and artistic vision. 

It reflects not just the story of Jesus but also the times it was built – a period of reconstruction and reflection for Spain after a devastating civil war.

How to Enter?

How to Enter in sa

To enter, purchase online tickets with tower access to see the Passion Facade. There are two main entrances depending on the type of ticket you have:

  • General Entrance: This entrance on Carrer de la Marina is for visitors with pre-booked tickets.
  • Group Entrance: Also on Carrer de la Marina, this entrance is for group tours (10 people or more). Look for a separate sign indicating group entrances.

Tickets for the towers of the basilica are in high demand and tend to sell out quickly. If you wish to explore the towers, it’s essential to book a separate Tower Access Ticket.

However, if ascending the towers isn’t your preference, you can opt for the General Entry Ticket, which includes an audio guide.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket (11+ years):  €69
Child ticket (6 to 10 years): €47

The View from the Facade

You get two types of views from the Passion Facade. 

First, you can appreciate the detailed, bone-like sculptures on the different towers of the facade. These sculptures symbolize Christ’s pain, suffering, and death. 

Second, from the towers, there is a fantastic ocean view, providing a unique vantage point of the surrounding area. 

The Tower on the Passion Facade

Passion Facade image

The towers of the Passion Facade were made as per the blueprints left by Gaudi and tell the story of sacrifice and hope. 

Among these towers, four are dedicated to apostles: Saint James, Saint Bartholomew, Saint Thomas, and Saint Philip.

Standing at a height of 107.40 meters (352.3 feet) on the outside and 112.20 meters (368.1 feet) at the center, these towers are a prominent feature of the facade.

They are a distinctive and main element of the facade, with the Passion Tower slightly higher than the Nativity Tower.

These towers offer a great view of the ocean and let you examine the intricate sculptural details of the facades.

Sculptures Featured

Josep Maria Subirachs is mainly credited for the sculptures in the Passion Facade.

The site’s architectural work was completed within two decades, after which the artists took time to perfect the symbolic and sculptural aspects.

Some notable sculptures that you must look for include:

Orchard of the Cima

Orchard of the Cima

This area features symbolic elements such as the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of Abraham.

significant moment of Jesus’s last meal with his disciples.

The Last Supper

It shows the significant moment of Jesus’s last meal with his disciples.

the great sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for the cause of mankind.

The Crucifixion

It depicts the great sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for the cause of mankind.

sculpture shows Mother Mary cradling the lifeless body of Jesus.

The Pieta

This sculpture shows Mother Mary cradling the lifeless body of Jesus.


The Resurrection

A symbol of hope and renewal, this sculpture captures the moment Jesus resurrects or rises from the dead. 

Best Time to Visit 

Check out this quick guide to make the most of your visit to this architectural marvel:

AspectBest TimeBenefit
Overall ExperienceEarly Morning (9 am to 11 am)Fewer crowds, easier access to lifts and stairs
Tower AccessEarly Morning (9 am to 11 am)Less crowded towers and shorter queues
Morning PhotographyEarly Morning (9 am to 11 am)Capture the intricate details of the facade in sharp light.
Evening PhotographyEvening (4 pm to 6 pm)Capture the basilica bathed in a warm, picturesque glow.

Vacatis Tips for Visiting 

Here are some tips that you must keep in mind while visiting this facade of Sagrada Familia:

  • If you plan to go up the tower, you’ll have to come back down the stairs, excluding some special cases, so wearing comfortable shoes/sneakers is important. 
  • Do not touch or damage the sculptures or artwork on the facade. It is best for their preservation that they are admired without contact. 
  • If you are interested in diving deep into the history of the Passion Facade, book a guided tour with tower access, and you will get the best experience.
  • Don’t forget your camera! If you go up the facade, you can capture the ocean view and click some great pictures from the top.


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