Tips for Visiting Sagrada Familia

With a thousand tips all over the internet about the best way to visit Sagrada Familia, it can be confusing to choose what to believe.

Instead of going through endless tips for visiting Sagrada Familia, what if you find the most crucial ones in one place?

We have a list of essential yet practical tips to enhance your trip.

Buy your tickets online

This tip is recommended by everyone, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Buying your tickets online has the obvious benefits of skip-the-line privileges, avoiding last-minute disappointment and saving loads of money.

But choosing exactly which ticket combination you want to buy is crucial.

Do you want transport, a guided tour or tower access? What about all or a few of them?

But don’t worry, we have a superb list which has a ticket for every preference: 

Know the best time to visit

Crowds are unavoidable at Sagrada Familia due to its immense popularity.

However, knowing when the crowds are comparatively less or the least is very helpful.

The best time to visit Sagrada Familia is between 9 am and 11 am as soon as it opens.

To make sure you get access to the basilica as soon as possible, reach at 8.30 am.

Follow the dress code

Sagrada Familia has a strict dress code all visitors should follow out of respect for the religious place.

If someone violates this dress code, the authorities at Sagrada Familia have the right to deny entry to them.

Man, woman or child, here are some attire you should avoid visiting Sagrada Familia:

  • Shirts that don’t cover shoulders
  • Flip flops
  • Swimwear and beachwear
  • Transparent or translucent clothing 
  • Low necklines
  • Clothing with promotional, political or offensive designs
  • Pants or skirts above mid-thigh

Opt for a Guided Tour

With a guided tour, you can relax and not worry about the technicalities of your trip. 

A guided tour of Sagrada Familia includes line-free entry, navigation and insider information about the basilica.

If you want transport along with an expert guided tour, you can also book the Barcelona & Sagrada Familia half-day tour with hotel pickup.

When visiting one of the most famous churches in the world, why not make it wholesome with a local guide and exciting information?

Visit the Towers

A mistake many people make when visiting Sagrada Familia is seeing it from the outside or not visiting the towers.

The view from the Nativity and Passion towers is absolutely breathtaking, with narrative sculptures adding to the beauty.

To know more about Christ’s life, you should visit either of the towers with the Sagrada Familia guided tour with tower access.

Featured Image: Sagradafamilia.org

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