Sagrada Familia Tour with Tower Access

A guided tour of the Sagrada Familia sounds terrific.

How about taking the tour of the church up a notch with access to the towers?

Two Sagrada Familia towers are open to visitors, the Nativity tower and the Passion tower.

When you book the Sagrada Familia tour with tower access, apart from a phenomenal live tour, you also get access to either of the towers.

The tower to be visited on the day of your tour is not predetermined, but a breathtaking view is guaranteed.

You can expect the tour guide to enrich your experience with knowledge and splendor, but they will not accompany the group to the tower.

This guided tour of the Sagrada Familia lasts two hours and you can choose your group size (capacity of 20 or 30 people).

The tour is conducted in English, Spanish, French or German.

Since this is a skip-the-line ticket, you get to avoid the ticket counter queue, but you will still have to spend an average of 25 minutes at the security check.

The meeting point for the tour is at Carrer Sardenya 311.

Ticket Prices:

For a bilingual tour:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Prices
Adult ticket (11 years & above)€69
Child ticket (6 to 10 years)€47

For a monolingual (English) tour:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Prices
Adult ticket (11 years & above)€72
Child ticket (6 to 10 years)€49

Children below the age of 5 years are not permitted on these tours.

Featured Image: Sagradafamilia.org

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