Are the Sagrada Familia Towers Worth it?

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Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia is a breathtaking testament to Antoni Gaudí’s architectural genius. 

But have you ever wondered what the view looks like from the spires? 

Going up the towers gives you a special view of both the city and the basilica’s detailed design.

However, with limited tickets and an additional cost involved, this experience is a must-do for any visitor.

In this article, you will explore everything you need to know about the Sagrada Towers.

Who Should Climb?

  • Active Visitors: Those with a moderate level of fitness and comfortable navigating stairs will enjoy the climb.
  • Gaudí Enthusiasts: The climb is a must-do for people who want a deeper understanding of Gaudí’s vision.
  • Unique Perspective: Witnessing Sagrada’s intricate architectural details from close range provides a beautiful experience.

Panoramic Views of Barcelona

The views from the towers provide an amazing view of Barcelona from high up.  

But what exactly will you see from these high spots? Let’s take a look at the views from the existing towers.

Nativity Tower

Nativity Tower

From the Nativity Tower of the basilica, you can enjoy panoramic views of the northeastern side of Barcelona. 

This includes landmarks such as the Agbar Tower, the vibrant neighborhoods of Gràcia and Eixample, and the picturesque hills of Collserola in the distance. 

You will also get a close-up look at the intricate details of the Nativity Facade

The facade has elaborate sculptures depicting scenes from the birth of Jesus.

Passion Tower

The Passion Tower is located on the western side of the basilica. 

From here, you will get panoramic views of landmarks like the Montjuïc hill, crowned by its fortress and Olympic facilities, as well as the bustling port area.

You will also have a close-up view of the Passion Facade, with its stark and angular sculptures depicting the suffering and death of Jesus.

A Gaudí Expert’s Perspective

Gaudí Expert’s Perspective

For a Gaudí enthusiast, climbing the towers isn’t just about the views. It’s about stepping into the mind of the architect himself. 

Here’s why a Gaudí expert would consider the climb essential:

  • Gaudí’s Inspiration: Nature played a crucial role in Gaudí’s designs. From the tower, you can appreciate how he incorporated organic shapes into the facade, mimicking the curves of leaves and animal forms.
  • Gaudí’s Construction Techniques: Climbing the towers offers a closer look at the unique construction methods employed.
  • Basilica Under Construction: The towers offer a unique perspective on the ongoing process. You can see the progress being made, with cranes and scaffolding outlining the next phase of Gaudí’s vision.

Comparing the Towers

Want a breathtaking view of Barcelona? Choose your Sagrada Familia tower!

  • Nativity Tower: See the east side of the city, including the Mediterranean Sea, Montjuïc hill, and the Agbar Tower. Its wider stairs make climbing a bit easier. Enjoy close-up views of the Nativity Facade’s sculptures, Tree of Life, and mosaics.
  • Passion Tower: Faces west and focus is on the historic Gothic Quarter. This climb is trickier due to narrower stairs, but you can view central towers.
  • Glory Tower: Still under construction, this future viewpoint will offer a southerly perspective of the city.

Our Recommendation

We recommend visiting all three towers, especially the Nativity Tower, which is easier to climb and provides close-up views. 

It is more manageable and comfortable, especially for those with mobility concerns.

From here, you can see the detailed sculptures of the tower and can get beautiful views of a lot of Barcelona, like the Agbar Tower and the hills.

While both towers offer remarkable experiences, the Nativity Tower’s accessibility and captivating views make it our top recommendation. 


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Featured Image : Zhiyuan Sun on Unsplash

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