Sagrada Familia Facades–Which is the Best?

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Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia is a masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural genius. 

But beyond its iconic spires and stained-glass windows lie the facades.

These facades, known as the Nativity Facade, Passion Facade, and Glory Facade, are a portal into a distinct chapter of Jesus’ life. 

In this article, you will learn about the Sagrada Familia’s facades, exploring their intricate designs, rich symbolism, and the question that sparks debate among visitors: Which facade stands out as the most awe-inspiring? 

A Quick Overview

nativity facade sagrada familia

Nativity Facade

Height: 60 meters (197 ft)

Design Style: Organic, full of life and vibrant colors

Period of Construction: 1894-1930 (completed by Gaudi)

Symbolism: Birth of Jesus

Key Elements: Joyful, optimistic, full of intricate details

Passion Facade sagrada familia

Passion Facade

Height: 70 meters (230 ft)

Design Style: Austere, dramatic, and skeletal

Period of Construction: 1954-1976 (based on Gaudi’s designs)

Symbolism: Suffering and sacrifice of Christ

Key Elements: Somber, dramatic, evokes contemplation

Glory Facade in saga

Glory Facade

Height: Will be tallest at 100 meters (328 ft)

Design Style: Expected to be grand and luminous

Period of Construction: Construction began in 2019

Symbolism: Eternal glory of Christ

Key Elements: Anticipated to be awe-inspiring, grand, and full of light

Height of the Facades

While all three facades are impressive, the Glory Facade will be the tallest among them.

It’s currently under construction and on track to be the tallest, reaching a staggering 100 meters (328 ft) when complete. 

The Nativity Facade stands at a height of 60 meters (197 ft), while the Passion Facade is slightly taller at 70 meters (230 ft).


Each facade of the basilica is a testament to Gaudí’s visionary genius, with distinct features.

Nativity Facade

Nativity Facade best time

The facade is adorned with intricate sculptures depicting scenes from the Nativity story, including the birth of Jesus, the adoration of the Magi, and the Annunciation. 

These sculptures are meticulously crafted, and each figure conveys emotion and meaning.

It incorporates elements of nature and has intricate carvings of plants, animals, and other symbols of creation.

Gaudí’s attention to detail is evident throughout the facade, with every carving and ornament meticulously crafted to perfection. 

From the delicate folds of the Virgin Mary’s robes to the intricate patterns of the angels’ wings, no detail is overlooked.

It also serves as a spiritual journey, inviting you to reflect on the miraculous events of Christ’s birth and the promise of salvation. 

Passion Facade

Passion Facade best time

In stark contrast to the organic forms of the Nativity Facade, the Passion Facade embraces a skeletal design.

It has towering columns resembling bones, their angular forms reaching towards the sky. 

This austerity creates a sense of drama and tension, mirroring the emotional weight of Christ’s final days.

Subirachs’ sculptures are not for the faint of heart. They are graphic portrayals of scenes from Christ’s last week, from the Last Supper to the Crucifixion.

This facade is a powerful and often unsettling masterpiece that confronts viewers with the harsh realities of Christ’s suffering.

Glory Facade

Glory Facade best time

The vision for this facade comes solely from Antoni Gaudi’s sketches and plans.

While details are still under development, Gaudi’s plans point towards a facade focused on light and ascension.

It depicts scenes related to the Last Judgment, with intricate sculptures representing heaven, hell, and the resurrection of the dead. 

Towering sculptures depicting heavenly figures are expected to grace the facade. 

These figures could represent angels, saints, or other celestial beings.

It embodies the triumph of faith and the victory of good over evil. 


If you are visiting the Sagrada Familia, it’s great to see all three facades, but if you are short on time, start with the Nativity Facade

As the most popular facade among visitors, it beautifully captures the joyous essence of Jesus’ birth through its intricate sculptures and vibrant colors. 

Whether you see one facade or all three, you will have an amazing experience exploring this incredible church.


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